Our mission, method, mindset & morals:

If you've spent hours crafting the perfect CV, business plan, website or social media presence there may come a time when it's difficult to see the woods from the trees.

Whilst friends & family can provide some help, they don't always have the experience and expertise you need to really help things forward.

Worst still, they may avoid pointing out the obvious, in an attempt to avoid hurting your feelings.

So we built threeadvice.com as a place to put your work in front on industry experts - people with extensive experience who can spot potential improvements in seconds.

Our experts can review your work with an unbiased, objective eye and then provide concrete suggestions for potential improvement.

We hope you'll find the advice useful (98% of our users have done so far), and we really hope our experts will give you a few ideas to keep you moving forward.

Still unsure, a quick overview of our business mechanics:

  • All advice is provided by industry experts with extensive domain experience.
  • All advice includes concrete steps to achieve the desired outcome.
  • All advice is provided free, at no cost to you.
  • We only use your email to send you the requested advice, you won't receive marketing materials.